IT Service Management

This describes a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing and improving how Information Technology is used within an organisation. The main goal of ITSM is to ensure that the right processes, staff and technology are applied in achieving the set business goals. In simple terms, ITMS focuses on the need to align the application of IT with the business objectives. AT

Kode Concepts, we use the latest ITMS frameworks to ensure effective and reliable IT service management that allows;

  • Configuration Management – Focus on both physical and logical perspective of the Information Technology and services provided to your business.

  • Change Management – Address the standard methods and procedures for effective management of any change(s) brought by the IT services.

  • Incident Management– The daily process that restores normal and acceptable operations with minimal or zero disruption of business operations.

  • Release Management– This involves testing, verifying and release of changes to the IT framework.

  • Problem Management – This refers to the diagnosis of the cause to eliminate the issues and manage them.

  • Service Desk – This is a function that provides a central point of communication between the users and the IT.

  • Kode Concepts ITMS Service Delivery

  • The process of ITMS delivery involves the following:

  • Availability Management – Optimising the IT capabilities, services and support to minimise service outages with the aim of providing sustainable levels of service to meet various business needs.

  • Service Continuity –Enabling tactical resource management following any interruption to the business operations.

  • Capacity Management – This enables tactical management of resources and development of future strategic plans for the organisation.

  • Service Level Management– Involves maintenance and improvement of the level of service to the organisation.

  • Financial Management For The IT Services – This involves cost management associated with providing the required resources to meet the set IT goals.

On request, we provide other additional value added services. This is to ensure that digital transformation and ICT integration services outweigh the cost you incur. We aim to satisfy our customers beyond expectations. We help top management teams achieve their goals within the set time and budget for maximum performance of the organisation. Our ICT services are all-round and guarantee you excellence in operation, human resources management and financial department.

  • High performance, quality and cost reduction is always our key focus.

  • Kode Concepts ITMS Implementation Structure

  • Kode concept applies the following implementation structure but can be altered depending on the clients’ specific requirement.

The structure involves the following:

  • Determination of the old existing IT infrastructure services and processes.

  • Developing a desired future state of IT and the services and the required business needs.

  • Engineer a plan that shows how to get to the desired IT infrastructure from existing ones.

  • Identify the different steps and resources needed to execute the plan.

  • ITMS implementation is done in 5 general features that include:

  • Assessment – Examine the current state and start collecting and analysing the metrics for the desired framework.

  • Design – Draft a design for the future desired state.

  • Planning – A step by step guide and process required to get to the desired IT system.

Support and Training –Management, maintenance and improvement of the future IT system to enable adaptive integration in line with the business objectives. Training of end user system users is also key.

Kode Concepts puts into consideration the following aspects:

  • Your staff.

  • Process.

  • Technology.

  • Organization.

  • Integration.

Our ITMS services ensure faster, better and lower costs of operation for your business. Get in touch for a free no obligation chat to assess your needs.